at raphe

At Raphe, the pursuit of excellence begins with a relentless commitment to high-tech research and development. With cutting-edge technologies, Raphe stays at the forefront of the aerospace industry

Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Composites

The exceptional strength-to-weight ratio enhances aircraft efficiency, allowing for increased payload capacity without compromising fuel economy.

Autonomous navigation system

Simultaneous localisation and mapping helps unlock spatial understanding
SLAM not only enhances the efficiency and safety of UAV missions but also enables them to perform tasks in challenging and remote locations where human access may be limited or hazardous.

Taking charge of the skies

Seamless sky management made possible with superior ground control technology
Accurate control for
targeted operations
Stable flights with
minimised disturbances
Our Technology enables us to create some of the most powerful uavs in the nation today
Payload Capacity of upto

100 kilos

Flight Time of upto

360 minutes

Surveillance Range of upto

150 kilometres

Enhanced Aerodynamics
and efficiency

Advanced simulations accurately model complex airflow patterns, allowing engineers to optimise UAV designs, reduce drag, fine tune performance parameters, ultimately elevating the UAV's flight capabilities.

Crafting seamless PCB solutions

Multi-layer PCBs
DFM optimisation
In-line testing
Advanced Software
SMT and SoC integrations

Amplifying Endurance

with simplified two stroke engines

Collective Intelligence

AI-enabled automatic detection and tracking by UAV swarms

Swarms of up to

100 UAVs

Tracking precision up to


UAV peer communication range

5 kilometres

Realtime adaptation to changes in RF landscape

allowing UAVs to maintain reliable connectivity during critical missions